Let’s talk about elder abuses

D/Sgt Raymond is often called to investigate potential elder abuse occurrences while also working very hard to educate and raise the awareness of elder abuses issues in our communities.

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Caregiver Heroes: Mary

I take of care my mother who is 87 years old.

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Grandma in a tuque, by Andrea Chiu

Stay safe and happy this winter… what you need to know

For aging adults, winter can be a difficult time, especially in our cold northern climate. Follow these helpful tips to keep active and healthy as the thermometer drops.

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Price Adjustment Clauses in Estate Plan Agreements

What makes for a bona fide price adjustment clause? In a recent bulletin, CRA has updated its position on the conditions for the recognition of a price adjustment clause.

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Dr. Michael Gordon

Being a “POA” (Substitute Decision Maker): An issue of rights vs. duties

Dr. Gordon shares his perspective on some of the end-of-life issues that families often face.

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Mary Bart

Mother-in-law: Take the BUS.

My mother-in-law is becoming very needy

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