Thank you for your interest in our new estate planning project. Our goal is to offer public education on a wide-range of estate planning topics. With a growing, aging population, unprecedented wealth transfer from one generation to the next, and the dramatic rise in estate litigation, the need for estate planning public education has never been greater.

This is a technology-based project that will produce podcasts (taped telephone interviews) articles, website blog posts and links to estate planning resources and services. Each podcast will feature a specific topic and a guest expert in a causal conversational, questions and answers format. The content will be short, easy to understand and wide-ranging. Aired podcasts will be stored and cataloged. Site visitors will be able to scan the list of podcasts and “click, listen and learn” at their own pace. The blog posts and articles will also be archived on our site. We will reach our audience where they live, on their own terms, when they have the time and energy to listen and learn. Contact information about each expert will be included both within the project and also in our main Resource Directory on our site so that site visitors may contact the guest experts to further explore the topic and discuss their issues in a confidential manner.

As a social, collaborative initiative, experts such as lawyers, accountants, funeral directors, estate advisors and financial planners will share their insights, promote their organizations and augment their current marketing efforts/reach.

This project, however is not a substitute for seeking personalized, professional advice. In fact, we hope to raise issues for our audience to consider and then further explore on their own with either the experts joining this project or with their own local experts.

We will gladly work with individuals and groups who share our desire to educate the public on estate planning. For example, some may want to be podcast guest experts, others may offer to promote the project to their clients or to their own groups and associations while others may want to post the project on their websites (as part of their own social media strategies). We assume that most people interested in this project will have specific ideas to support our initiative.

There are sponsorship and advertising opportunities for those working in the estate planning industry. We are open to discussing how this project can benefit other organizations corporate goals while also supporting increased public education.

This project is for all of us to develop, share ideas and create exciting ways to come together to educate the public on a wide-range of estate planning topics. If you are interested in having your organization join our project, please contact our office at 905-939-2931.

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