Mary Bart

Left nothing in the Will.

We cared for her for years and this is how she thanks us?

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A Usual House - photo credit Diego da Silva

If living at home is no longer an option

Let’s look at the steps for transitioning from home into long-term care (LTC) and outline what you might expect.

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Record retention – what form and how long?

All taxpayers, including those who maintain their records in electronic format, have an obligation to ensure that they take appropriate and sufficient steps to protect and maintain their records.

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Who Really Has the “Power?” – A Manitoba Perspective

Angela G. Gentile speaks to the issues that she sees as a social worker dealing with elderly clients in Manitoba.

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Caregivers matter!

Does the public understand the importance of caregivers?

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Caring for the Caregiver: Stop, Look & Listen

Take small but steady steps away from ego-based neurosis towards sanity and a peaceful mind.

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