My best friend,
Wendy and I first
met when we were
just five years old.
Although we lived
in different cities, I
knew I could count
on her when I was
caring for my parents.
Shortly after the
deaths of my parents,
Wendy was diagnosed
with cancer.
Then it was my turn
to help her. She knew
I would do everything
in my power to
make her life easier
and better. Now she
is gone, I look back
on the caregiving
journeys we took
together. We had
each other’s backs,
each other’s hearts.

You’ve REALLY got a friend


“Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call—and I’ll be there”. The lyrics from the Carole King song “You’ve Got A Friend” remind us of how lucky we are to have friends. As caregivers, it is our friends who often keep us going, help us stay sane and stop us from being isolated from society.

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